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Promotion Extension X100 OPTION For $1000 Until May 5

On the occasion of Alex Yanowsky's Birthday on May 5, It was decided to extend the terms and conditions to purchase Option X100 at a minimum cost of $1000 instead of $15000 (at $50 per share)

The promotion will continue until May 5.

If you have already purchased X100 Options accumulatively $1000 or more, you are available to purchase from one share at $50 in this lot

Take advantage of the cool terms and get maximum results!


In your business advisor's office, in the referral links section, is there an interesting tool to help you close great deals?

 "Option X100 - General Product Presentation."

This video strip will explain to your potential investor all the benefits and terms and conditions of buying Option X100

How to get the link to the landing page:

-Go to your business advisor's office

- in the referral links section, click "Choose a landing page to form a link"

- select from the list: "Option X100 - General Product Presentation"

-scope the link by clicking on the icon on the right

- send to an interested potential investor

IMPORTANT: notifications about candidates' registration from the link comes both to your email and to the chatbot (if it's connected).

Wish you great deals! Good luck!
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