New lot Verhnyaya Pyshma

Friends, our platform not only makes people happy by helping them create their own passive, but also extends their knowledge of geography. 

Thanks to our lots, many of you have learned about the existence of such cities as Upper Salda, Langepas, Megion, Dust Yah! 

And today we continue our education))).  

Get to know the new lot "Upper Pyshma"! 

Verkhnyaya Pyshma is the copper capital of the Middle Urals, one of the fastest growing cities in the Sverdlovsk region, where the restaurant "Sushi Master" has an 18% market share. 

For 4 years the restaurant has shown excellent growth and efficiency indicators.  

See for yourself: in 2018 the turnover of the point was 21 079 084 rubles, and in 2019 - already 114 67 063, which is 83.82% higher than the previous year! Or else there will be! 

Read more about the lot and its profitability in your personal account.

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