New lot Monopizza Zhytomyr

Friends, meet the new lot "Management franchise Monopitza Zhytomyr" (UKRAINE).

The object of the lot are 2 pizzerias "Monopizza", which the company plans to open in Zhytomyr within 6 months. 

minimum entrance sum is 1 211 496 UAH (42 961 USD);
expected term of entering the break-even activity - 12 months;
forecasted investment return period - 54 months;
average expected profitability for the investment return period - 22.22% per year;
expected return on investment after return - 29.74%.

Detailed terms on the tab "Partnership terms" in the lot description. 

 Use your opportunity to become a co-owner of pizzerias in Zhytomyr! If you are interested in this offer, leave an application at this link https://x100invest.com/store/product/view/id/147.

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