New Limited Edition lots

Did you miss the “Share of turnover” lots?
We know that yes, our support receives dozens of questions about this every day!

We decided to release a limited edition, this is a real exclusive, so the "Share of the turnover" is back!

Please welcome!
New Limited Edition lots:
LOT: Share of turnover Khanty-Mansiysk Limited Edition
LOT: Share of turnover Tyumen Limited Edition
LOT: Share of turnover Novy Urengoy Limited Edition

Let's translate the phrase “Limited Edition” just in case.
Do you know what this means ?! He will be gone soon!

Lots of the LIMITED EDITION series are AVAILABLE ONLY FOR NEW INVESTORS and for those who have previously purchased “Share of the turnover” lots for an amount of less than RUB 10,000.

We thought for a long time how to help you expand your network, what conditions to provide so that you can attract as many new partners as possible.
And specifically for this, we decided to allocate an additional percentage of the turnover of our successful restaurants.

How does this help you?
You know that the minimum entry amount for beginners is 20,000 RUB, and not everyone is ready to deposit that amount right away.
Therefore, you can offer them the “Share of Tyumen Limited Edition turnover” lot for 8,000 RUB, which is available ONLY for those who have not previously purchased any of X100invest's products.

Lot "Share of Tyumen turnover" is our flagship lot. The Sushi Master chain of restaurants in Tyumen is one of the most stable and time-tested, it is from here that the brand's history began in 2013. The chain includes three brands: Sushi Master, Sushi Gallery, Sushi World, and has a 25% market share.

Conditions for investing in Limited Edition lots: (in all lots of the Limited Edition series, except for the lot "Share of Tyumen Limited Edition turnover")

For new investors:
-first investment in the lot Share of the Limited Edition turnover - 8,000 RUB (from the starting wallet);
-reinvest in any lots a share of the turnover up to 2,000 RUB, the minimum one-time payment is 100 RUB (from the main wallet);
-maximum investment limit in lots, the share of turnovers is 10,000 RUB.

For investors who previously bought lots, a share of the turnover for an amount of less than RUB 10,000:

-invest the difference between RUB 10,000 and your investment according to the following rules:
* from the starting wallet up to 8,000 RUB
* from the main wallet up to 2,000 RUB;
-maximum investment limit in lots, the share of turnovers is 10,000 RUB.

IMPORTANT: for investors who have previously bought lots a share of the turnover in the amount of more than 10,000 RUB, purchases of lots of the Limited Edition series are not available.

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