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From 01.03 to 31.03 «Promo bonus» increases in 2 times!
Dear partners, just unprecedented news!

A new promo for everyone who is in the hyperactive phase of building a business!

Ready?! Sit down if you're standing, lie down if you're sitting...

From 01.03 to 31.03 "Promo bonus" increases in 2 times!

Now for invitations during the month of March you can get:

For 3 business consultants $200;
For 5 business consultants $600;
For 10 business consultants $2000. 

The number of invitees is unlimited, in other words, for 20 business-consultants during the month of March you will earn $2000*2=$4000.

At the same time, the conditions of business-consultant office activation remain the same:
-Personal transaction from $250 cumulatively;
-payment of activation package $76. 

Where is your contact list, where is your social networks? It's time to make some serious money, let's do it!

Oooh, spring brings new opportunities, catch them!
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