Briefing with Dmitry Onishchenko!

Experts have long noticed that a good employee is a happy employee. Such people are more energetic than their less satisfied colleagues, they are more motivated, and they work more efficiently.  

Happy people are 50% more successful than their less satisfied colleagues. This means they are 50% more productive if they are happy and find meaning in their work. At the same time they are 88% more loyal, because they understand that they work for a reason, dedicating half their time to the development of this business. 

Happy employees = happy customers = successful business = happy investors. This is how the business model of the X100 Holding looks like.  

How to make employees happier? What helps to form a loyal team? Dmitry Onishchenko, X100 Employee Happiness Director, will tell about this and many other important and very interesting things at the meeting to be held on Saturday, October 17, at 14:00 Moscow time. 

Be sure to come and charge with our happiness! 

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